Whatever else I do, I program computers (and have since the early 1980s). Currently I'm building something amazing with some very talented people at a new startup, DataJet Software.

My first career was management consultancy, including two years designing the trading systems at the London Stock Exchange. I moved to Morgan Stanley full time, where I managed risk and was fortunate to be promoted to Executive Director.

In the midst of the above I took a sabbatical working ski season where I met my wife, Sasha. And in 2007 spent a month at the Iyengar family's yoga institute in Pune, India. I've practiced yoga since 1995 and taught Iyengar Yoga until 2019.

After moving from the corporate world to the rural west of England I've spent a lot of time researching investment methods. I've distilled the best concepts into DIY systems that give world class returns, with very little effort - details can be found at Invest Yourself.

I love learning and devour books, blogs and podcasts from thought leaders. I believe happiness is hard to find without:

  • health of body,
  • a clear and peaceful mind, and
  • a safe financial foundation.

So I practise yoga or meditation every day and like to teach others these three things.

For those searching for me online here's a sentence full of words not mentioned above: I attended Trinity School, studied Electronic Engineering at Southampton University, worked at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), and live in the west of the UK. My previous email addresses (none of these work now) included: nick@longfamily.co.uk, nick@life-long.co.uk