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Jump Onboard - The Train Is Leaving The Station

15 Oct 2020

This is my best idea for helping you over the next 18 months. I hope you pay attention.

Your Priorities or Other Peoples'?

Goodbye Mobile Number

28 May 2020

Everyone needs a smartphone these days. But you can get rid of your number (and its intrusions) while still remaining in mobile contact.

Moving On

22 Dec 2019

Leave while you're still wanted, not when they want you to go.

Beginners' Guide To Bitcoin

27 Aug 2019

Bitcoin is a game changer for our savings, and potentially the biggest investment opportunity of our generation.

who's getting more data?

Essential Steps To Protect Your Privacy Online

07 Aug 2019

Doing these things will only take two minutes, and you'll massively increase your privacy and security.

Big Brother is watching you

Don't Turn Your Back On Privacy Because You Have 'Nothing To Hide'

22 Jul 2019

Your smart phone or browser may be wrapping chains around your future self, that are invisible to you now.

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To Grow Wealthy, You Better Understand The Power Of Compounding

16 Apr 2019

Understand this, and you have taken the biggest step to financial freedom. The younger you are when you do, the more power you will have to achieve your dreams.

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Remember Who Gave You The Most

11 Mar 2019

Who is the person you owe everything to? Do you thank them enough while you still can?

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The Most Powerful Habit

03 Jan 2019

How about focusing on just one new habit instead of multiple New Year's resolutions? That way you're more likely to succeed. And this one doesn't involve pain or sacrifice, but can truly change your life.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

What's Really Important? And How Can We Improve It?

02 Dec 2018

Our society is obsessed by financial measures, encouraged by government and business. To make positive change, let's flip it around and measure them on what's important to us, 'the people'.

A Better Way To Rekindle Friendships Than Christmas Cards

25 Nov 2018

There's a much more effective (and fun) way of spreading the festive warmth, and it's so obvious most of us don't do it.

Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

14 Aug 2018

Realising your core intent - the one thing you really want to excel in - brings clarity and motivation to everything you do.

Why You Should Have Your Own Personal Web Address

29 May 2018

It is increasingly important to have your own site instead of using social networks - so you are in control of your content, contacts and brand.

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Marketing - Is It Good or Evil?

14 Jan 2018

After ten years working as an individual entrepreneur I've finally worked out what marketing should really mean.

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Something Better Than Goals

30 Dec 2017

Long term goals end up disincentivising. Better to think about what good you can do and take the first step toward that.

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Bitcoin - A Bad Christmas Present

19 Dec 2017

Bitcoin is the biggest bubble in history right now. So fight hard to avoid the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

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Life Guidelines For 2018

18 Dec 2017

Guidelines for prioritising which projects to spend one's very precious time on.

Nick Long


17 Dec 2017

This blog is here for me to lead you on my journey through investing, marketing and how to live life well.