Has your regular routine of New Year goal setting been a waste of time over the years?

Without learning the psychology of how to make goals work (not the subject of this post) goals can end up disincentivising and making you disappointed in yourself. The very opposite of what you hoped for.

There is an easier way that brings happiness, improves relationships, wins more business and allows you to achieve much more with your time.

Instead of thinking about long term goals, think about your intention and take the first step toward that.

  • What good can I do?
  • What change can I make?
  • How can I help?

What are the first one or two or three steps required. Then take the first step. Right now.

This isn't an annual goal thing. It's much easier than that.

Think about your intentions for the day when you wake up. At the end of the day before you sleep. And any time in between. It only takes a few seconds.

"What good shall I do this day?" as Benjamin Franklin wrote. The more you repeat it, the more it becomes second nature - and the less time you'll spend thinking negative thoughts about yourself and others. Become a true master, and you won't have any negative thoughts at all.

Having the best intentions when interacting with others brings huge power.

When someone knows you are trying to help them, they'll want to listen to you, understand you, buy your product, spend more time with you, help you back. And maybe pass the good vibes onto others too.

Even if you aren't actually helping them, it's the trying they respect.

Remember, every time you find a pause in your busy day, ask: "How can I serve others and what step can I take right now?"

It will instantly bring calmness, reset your aim and give you a feeling of well-being. You'll be more likeable and have better relationships with everyone around you. And relationships are perhaps the most important giver of happiness.

Happy New Year.