Who do we owe EVERYTHING to?

Our parents, and especially our mothers.

I posted this on Facebook last weekend, to remember my mum 20 years after she passed away (too early):

Thank you for everything. For bringing me into the world, and the 24 hour a day love after. For the healthy and delicious home cooked food. In making our home a happy place, my room my own. Celebrating my birthdays and making Christmas special. Concern for my schooling, endless lifts. The desire to bring me up with faith. Being a role model for charity and friendships across cultures. Always supporting my choice of partners, being proud of my career. Ensuring my future wellbeing, even as your being was passing away. For making me who I am, 20 years after you're gone.

As I see how much total dedication and love my wife gives to our children, and how much her mother gives to her... I'd just like to say:

To all mothers out there, you are incredible.