Updated on 5th May 2020

I've started on a new project with some really talented people - DataJet Software, a software company making it easy to analyse multiple databases with billions of records. It's exciting because we can do this 100s of times faster than the mainstream databases like Google's BigQuery or Oracle's MySQL.

Covid-19 hasn't made much difference to my life. I'm working long days and weekends building the main web app - the first production release is planned for September and we already have clients wanting to use it. We'll also be looking to bring on investors in 2020.

This means I gave up teaching yoga in December, after 13 years. That doesn't mean I'll be stopping my own personal practice, which I've done most days since 1993.

I've built an investment website to help my friends and family use the strategies I have researched for many years - strategies that match the returns of some of the best investors in the world - if you don't believe me, I can only say, take a look. The website is a draft version as I want to eventually have investment video courses and other education on it - but the strategy pages re-calculate every day and tell you what you should hold and when you need to take action. The strategies have done exactly as designed and protected the portfolios from the nasty stock market downturn we've had in 2020.

I am designing and building my own infrastucture, including the web servers that are hosting this blog and other ideas I have. I'm prioritising becoming independent from the big cloud data abusers like Facebook and Google and want to help others do the same through the use of Open Source software.

I'm trying to be a good parent to my daughter (19 and now at University) and son (17), both at that important crossroads time of life. I am so grateful to them for reminding me not to miss the wood for the trees.

Posting superficial updates on social media wastes everyone's time. Instead, you can come to this now page any time you want to know what I'm up to.