Nick's 'Now' Page

This is what Nick Long is working on now.

This is a ‘now’ page and if you have a personal website, I recommend you make one too. My friends and others ask me what I’m doing. Instead of resorting to superficial social media updates, I’d prefer to say the important things here.

I am developing as a trader. I’ve been trading from home for the last 10 years, and it’s been an incredibly hard journey. Individual traders are small fish swimming in the sea with some very big sharks, and 95% fail in their first year. I don’t think I will ever feel like I’ve truly cracked it, because the markets are always changing, but I love it because it keeps me focused on my own self development.

I have had great personal success with investment systems I have researched over the last few years. I am building an investment website to help my friends and family use my strategies and automated tools. Eventually I’d like to teach anyone and everyone how to invest.

I am teaching yoga to a set of students I love, ranging from marathon runners & pilates teachers to stiff but enthusiastic retirees. I feel deeply honoured that many have been learning with me since 2006.

I am building my own tools and infrastucture. This includes everything from building the web servers that are hosting this blog and my other ideas, to selecting or building my own apps for things like emails, contact management and file backup so that I can become independent from the big cloud data abusers like Facebook and Google.

I’m trying to be a good parent to my daughter (16) and son (14), both at that formative teenage time of life.

And I’m living in beautiful Blagdon, North Somerset in the United Kingdom.