"Help others achieve their dreams."

This is the thread that ties the different strands of my life together. I have been searching for it.

When I ask key questions about my roles and projects it helps me to understand what's important.

What's my goal as a parent?

To help my children find their own fulfilling lives - like starting a business, bringing up a happy family, or creating change for good in the world, or ... (they can fill in the blank)

Why do I want to teach people how to invest safely with great rewards?

So that they can reach their dreams faster. Everyone has different dreams. Maybe to retire early, or live comfortably, or give more to others.

But 'having enough money' is the foundation that must underlie many dreams.

I haven't written articles on this subject here as I initially said I would. That's because I am working in the background on a bigger and better web resource for this purpose... to be launched soon.

Why am I fascinated by ideas, both old and new, on 'how to live life'?

Because I want to be the best I can. And for everyone I know to give their best life performance and to be fulfilled looking back because they did something amazing (or at least tried).

Why am I teaching yoga?

To give others the means to good health.

It is difficult to be happy if you are in bad health.

Also to teach that health isn't just physical. A clear and calm mind helps you to see what's important and avoid life's obstacles.

Why am I blogging?

Because I can help teach important things - by passing on other wiser people's teachings and connecting the dots between those teachings when it might help. I can remind readers where the real value is: essential life subjects not taught in most schools.

"Most of what exists in the Universe - our actions, and all other forces, resources and ideas - has little value and yields little result; on the other hand a few things work fantastically well and have tremendous impact."

Richard Koch

My responsibility then is to sift through ideas to find the golden nuggets on how to live life well. And to communicate those ideas as effectively as I can.

"Help others achieve their dreams" is a big goal.

Small goals will just make me work a bit harder or a bit differently.

A big goal motivates me to make a step change (for the better) in who I am and what I do.